2020 Season Update

Member Update Season 2020
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Supporting your Club


The return to Stage 3 Covid-19 restrictions is a significant blow to the 2020 rugby season.  This year the Club will not be able to rely on typical revenue streams such as match days and social events, which we would normally use to provide member benefits and cover club costs.  You can continue to support your club through this difficult period and help to the club prepare for a prosperous 2021 season in a variety of ways. 


Social Memberships 

You can still purchase a 2020 Social Membership for $50 which includes a club polo from our new merchandise range.  A 2020 Social Membership will provide a bit of income for the club but more importantly shows your commitment to our club during this difficult time.  Registering for a Social Membership.



Our online shop is still open and processing orders.  It may take a little longer to deliver stock but we will make sure you receive it with no extra delivery costs.  Order merchandise through the Treasure Chest.


Programs and Activities

We will be developing training programs, activities and competitions for our junior and senior members over the next few months.  We will also look to deliver an all-age-groups off-season Summer Touch/Tag competition should the conditions improve.  All important aspects in building the fitness, skills and connectedness of a growing rugby club.


Club Sponsors

Please support our sponsors! 

Our sponsors invest their money and resources in the club for our benefit and for the benefit of our kids.  Please show your support to our sponsors by engaging them and using their goods and services wherever possible.  Find out more about our 2020 Sponsors here.    


2020 Registrations

Each 'Player' registration comprises of three components; Player Insurance, Member Union Fees, and a Club Fee.  Of the three components the club only receives and has control of the 'Club Fee' component.  The 'Club Fee' varies across the different age groups but ranges between $82-$129 for our juniors and approximately $150 for our Seniors and Masters.  This excludes the Girls Touch teams which was only a nominal amount of approximately $10 for the 2020 season.


For those who have paid the full 'Player' registration fee there a few options available.

  1. You can opt to leave the registration fees with the club and we will apply it against any future competitions or seasons i.e. Summer Touch/Tag or the 2021 season.
  2. You can opt to transfer the fees to a merchandise credit which can be used immediately in the Treasure Chest.
  3. You can opt to have the fees refunded. 
  4. You can opt to make a donation to the club or to purchase a social membership, and have the remainder of the fees refunded.

Please note: at this stage only the 'Club Fee' component can be refunded by the club.


If you wish to have your 2020 fees held 'in trust' with the club, no further action is required.  For all other options please email the club Secretary at sdrcsecretary@gmail.com.

Need some Support?

There is no shame in asking for help, particularly at a time like this.


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