Instructions for Registering on Rugby Xplorer

Step 1:

You can register using the Rugby Xplorer App or online.


Download, Open and Login to the Rugby Xplorer App or go to

Step 1.1:

You may need to set up and account.


Follow the instructions to set up and account.

Step 2:

Go to the Menu and click 'Register'.

Step 3:

You can search by club or your postcode.


Search for Southern Districts & click on either:


Southern Districts Rugby Club -

Rugby Vic Seniors  (senior registrations)


Southern Districts JRUFC -

Rugby Vic Juniors (junior registrations)

Step 4:

Choose your Registration Type.


Players may register as a 'Player' or as a

'Training only Participant'.


Junior Players should select either:

XVs Juniors 


Touch 7s Winter (Girls Touch 7s comp)


Senior Players should select either XV's or Veterans


Social Members and Volunteers should choose those options.

Step 5:

Fill in personal details and complete registration.

Step 6

You can order shorts and socks at the time of registration.

Step 7

You may recieve a credit from your 2020 registration.