Annual General Meeting - FAQs

This page will provide guidance to the smooth and efficient management of the virtual AGM.

Q: How do I attend the meeting?

A: You will be able to access the meeting using the Zoom app or through your internet browser.  The meeting details and how to access the meeting will be sent to members' email addresses approximately 1 week prior to the meeting.    

Q: What if I can't access my email address which I used to register my membership?

A: Please contact the club Secretary at or complete the online form to request meeting details.

Q: What if I've never used Zoom and don't know how it operates?

A: If you have never used Zoom and require some help in getting set-up or becoming familiar with its features, the Committee will have members available to assist you with this.  You can contact the Committee to request assistance using the online form.

Q: Will I be able to ask a question at the meeting?

A: Yes, there are three ways to ask a question at the AGM.

  1. You can send in your question prior to the AGM using the AGM Questions Form.
  2. You can use the Zoom 'Chat' function to type in a question during the meeting.
  3. At certain points throughout the AGM there will be a 'pause' to allow for questions and/or follow-up questions.  At this point all attendees will be unmuted and may ask questions of the Committee.  

Q: Can I vote early in the lead-up to the AGM?

A: Yes.  Early, online voting is the preferred method of voting this year, using the Online Voting Page. 


Once all Committee nominations are received the Online Voting Page will become available (approximately 1 week prior to the AGM) for members to vote on all matters.  The page will close 2 hours prior to the meeting to allow for counting.

All members will be required to input their Rugby ID number (excluding Life Members, who may enter "Life Member" into the box) to ensure the authenticity of a vote.  All members who vote early will be counted as having attended the AGM for quorom and record keeping purposes. (Rugby ID's are available by logging onto Rugby Xplorer or by completing the online form).

Q: Can I still vote at the meeting?

A: Yes, there will still be an option to vote at the meeting for members who may be undecided on an item. 


Upon the requirement for a vote during the meeting a poll will be displayed on screen and members may vote on the item.  The Poll result will then be shared with members.


The result of the online vote and live poll will then be tallied by the Secretary and the outcome shared with members

Q: What if I hold a proxy vote or additional votes on behalf of junior members?

A: If voting early, you will be able to include the number of votes you hold on the Online Voting page.  This is the preferred method of voting, especially if you will be holding multiple votes.


If voting at the meeting, the online 'meeting room' will open 30 minutes prior.  This will allow for members to confirm with the Secretary their proxy votes or the additional votes on behalf of junior members,  


Any proxy or additional votes are not confirmed prior to the meeting, as per the above process, the votes may not be counted.

Q: What if there is an error with how I complete my online vote?


A: The Committee will attempt to contact you to advise of an issue with your vote and to provide assistance.  If you cannot be contacted or there are concerns about the validity of a vote, the vote may not be counted.